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Are you ready for Rank Choice voting?

Updated: Mar 28

The June 22nd primary will allow you to choose more than one candidate on election day. So if there is someone who already has your support and another candidate also appeals to you, choose them both!

Ranking your candidates

With rank choice voting you are able to choose up to five candidates. You will fill out the ballot by deciding who you like as your first choice, second choice, etc. all the way to five candidates. The graph shown is an example of how it works. For more information on how rank choice voting works visit

June 22, 2021 primary

So on Tuesday, June 22, 2021 when you are deciding on your choice for Brooklyn Borough President choose Pearlene Fields as your first choice. However, if I am not your first choice consider making me your second or third choice as the candidate who is fighting for real affordable housing, more funding for education, small business support, and public safety so we can rebuild a Better Brooklyn together.

No PAC money, No B.S. All Brooklyn All Heart!

#BuildBrooklynBetter #RankChoiceVoting #EndHomelessness #ElectBlackWomen #dispruptpoliticalmachine #BrooklynBoroPres2021

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