I am running for Brooklyn Borough President in order to empower people to use their voice, to give power to the powerless, to get justice when there is none, and to bring hope to communities that are often abused, impoverished, or overlooked. Our community is very diverse and the small businesses throughout them help us thrive and it is about time we go back to embracing our differences, finding balance between cultures, and rebuilding bridges between the community and the people responsible for patrolling them. This will take hard work, time, and patience but I find that there is value in being patient and together we will be able to make it happen. As a native New Yorker from the same marginalized community as you I want to ensure our public safety, ensure real affordable housing, and support all small businesses.
"Real Low-Income" 
Affordable Housing

We have an affordable housing crisis in New York City. There are almost 80 thousand homeless people in the city. Over 3 thousand live in shelters and the housing lottery is a joke. You have thousands of people vying for a small number of units so you end up on a wait list for years. 

Small Business and Entrepreneurship

According to NYC.GOV “New York City is a city of 

small businesses. Of the approximately 220,000 businesses located in the City, 98 percent are small (fewer than 100 employees) and 89 percent are very small (fewer than 20 employees).” These businesses already employ nearly half of the City's workforce and they are growing.

Public Safety

To Protect and Serve; that is their motto but exactly who are they protecting and who are they serving? Abuse of authority has been running rampant throughout the US and it is especially so in NYC. Whenever there is a violation by a police officer the union protects them even when it is clear they are guilty. The union and the entire police force act as if there were never any crooked police officers but history would tell us otherwise.


When I was in 3rd grade at P.S. 181 I had the best teacher in the whole entire world Ms. Upshur. You could tell she cared about her students and even without saying anything to her she seemed to always be able to tell when one of us was in need.  One day while everyone went to recess with all of the other classes’ she kept me in class to talk.