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Pearlene is a native New Yorker born and raised in Brooklyn and the oldest of 5 children. Her mother Frederica was a New Yorker, her Grandmother Thelma was a New Yorker and she has always held New York close to her heart.


Pearlene attended public school, first P.S. 299 in Bushwick before transferring to P.S. 181 in Flatbush due to a house fire that forced her and her family to move to a new neighborhood. For middle school she attended I.S. 246 Walt Whitman Junior High and attended Erasmus Hall high school for a short time before deciding to finish her schooling at the Oneonta Job Corps Center where she received office and computer skills training and her general equivalency diploma. 


While attending Pace University in the evening she worked at the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in the day. She even found time to take a summer course with Oxford University in 2006.  Eventually she earned her Bachelor's of Science degree in Professional Studies from Pace University in New York and she completed Graduate school at Middlesex University in London where she studied International Relations.


Pearlene has spent over 20 years working in Business Administration at non-profit organizations like JDRF as a Grants Administrator, UNICEF where she was a Program Assistant, and the United Nations Secretariat Department of Peace Operations, Office of Military Affairs where she assisted the Chief of Staff in the front office.


Community activities include being a Young Associate fundraising team leader with Trickle Up, an organization that creates opportunities for the world's poorest and most vulnerable people, in 2004-2005. 


More recent activities in her community include raising over $14,000 for entertainment activities for under-privileged children at several organizations like Children of Promise and Women In Need shelter as well as public schools like Walt Whitman middle school.  She also did a mini campaign to raise funding to provide much needed supplies to Women In Need shelter and Covenant house and food for front-line heroes during the Covid-19 pandemic.  


Pearlene understands what it is like to struggle and has had her fair share of struggle-meals as a child growing up in Brooklyn (like a sugar bread or syrup sandwich or a bologna and government cheese sandwich). However, unlike most, Pearlene truly understands what it is like to be housing insecure because she was homeless a few times as a young woman. Each time she was fortunate enough to be able to advocate for herself and get the help she needed.  Now Pearlene is an advocate to others in need of housing.

Pearlene believes that no one should lose the roof over their head due to lack of equal opportunities and equal access to resources. As a result, she has served as both a member of the Board of Directors for 10 years and Board   President for 3 years at the Sierra House, an organization in East Orange, NJ that assists homeless mothers and their children. Pearlene is also a member of the Brooklyn Community Board 17 (CB17) where she is on the Land-Use committee and is the Chair of the Housing committee. 


Pearlene realized the only way we will have real change and real affordable housing within our neighborhoods will be for one of us in the community affected by what's happening to get up there and try to change it ourselves. So she intends to be the change that she wants to see.  She believes housing and healthcare is a human right and as the saying goes “if you always do what you’ve always done then you will always get what you’ve always gotten.” Let’s stop voting for career politicians using our votes as stepping stones for their next public office.  If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired too then join Pearlene's team as she steps to the table with her own folding chair and try to make a change for the betterment of the community.

As your next Brooklyn Borough President Pearlene believes the most significant changes needed now are:


  1. "Real" Affordable housing calculated with a lower AMI and available for those who need it most.

  2.  Public safety and police reform. 

  3. Education Parity: Which would include pay raises for teachers and more public-school funding for STEAM and apprenticeships.

  4. Easier access to capital to create small business growth.


Vote Pearlene for a better Brooklyn. 

Graduate School: 
Middlesex University, London, UK
International Relations
Undergraduate School: 
Pace University, New York City
Professional Studies
Oxford University, Oxford, UK
Summer Course 2006
Oneonta Job Corps Center
General Equivalency Diploma
Office and Computer skills
Erasmus Hall High
I.S. 246 Walt Whitman Junior High
P.S. 181 (3rd - 5th grade)
P.S. 299 (1st - 3rd grade)



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