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Small Business Spotlight

I will be spotlighting various small businesses in Brooklyn who could really use community support. The pandemic has devastated many of our local businesses so please support by patronizing if you can. The first shop is Little Haiti in East Flatbush.

Go by and try their cuisine. Grab some Griot to go. Little Haiti can be found on UberEats, Doordash, and GrubHub.

This is a grassroots campaign. We will not be accepting contributions from corporations,

LLC's, partnerships and law enforcement unions or their affiliates.

Your Change for Change

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It is about time we have one of our own in the office of Brooklyn Borough President who is truly looking out for our best interest. Not just focusing on the rich and upper middle class but also the working poor and the underprivileged throughout the borough. Our safety is at stake, affordable housing is at stake, and a better future for the next generation is at stake but we can't do it alone.  Let's unite in this fight; let's make sure our voices are heard and grab our seat at the table.

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Make A Donation
Your Change for Change!

We know money is probably tight since living in the city is really expensive and most of us were barely making ends meet even before the pandemic. So we would be grateful for what ever you can spare whether it is $1, $5, $10 or even your spare change because every little bit helps. Your change will help us make much needed changes in Brooklyn for a more inclusive community that is much safer, caring, and more conscientious  to community needs.

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Register To Vote

Don't let anyone tell you your vote is worthless! People have fought long and hard for the right to vote and believe me your vote does matter. You can register at the D.M.V. or at one of our events (once it is safe to have in-person events again) and for your convenience we've added the government website so that you can register online.  It's your voice, be heard, It's your right make it happen, It's your vote be counted.

First interview discussing some of my vision for Brooklyn
Donations by check welcomed:
Pearlene For New York
PO Box 260275
Brooklyn, NY 11226
Must include this form with mail-in contributions: 
Email: pearlene2021@outlook.com



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